How can a Cryptocurrency help you Dodge Driving Mishaps?

Cryptocurrency is a raging sensation worldwide. It paves the way for secure transactions. What is it? Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, providing a safe platform with encrypted sources for reliable operations.

Concurrently, cryptocurrency does not revolve around just providing a platform for transactions. It stretches beyond finances. Various ideas come up every now and then as an attempt to use cryptocurrency to solve real-life hardships.

However, traffic accidents are a significant cause of death globally. From teenagers to adults, a lot have lost their lives on the road. And no matter what we say, mobile phones play a pivotal role in these accidents. Hefty penalties seem to have no effect on the human mind.

To promote road safety, cryptocurrency was put to the test.

Mobilio, a mobile application, is the brainchild of Dolphin Technologies, provides minting services while maintaining road safety. Dolphin uses alluring reward systems that entice the human mind to lower their cellphone usage while driving.

How does it work?

The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Mobilio uses the phone’s GPS and sensor to detect locations and the journey. The app then permits the drivers to win points for every distraction-free rides. Surprisingly, these points can be redeemed and converted to a cryptocurrency called Mobilio (MOB).

This app is exclusively designed by drivers to promote safe and distraction-free driving. The users can only mint the currencies after proving their safe driving practices.

Real-Life Implementation:

It has tangible value in the real-life. These currencies can be patronized in the cryptocurrency exchanges. Are they secure? To provide credence and security, this application is designed and operated on the Etherum public blockchain. Apart from this, Dolphin Technologies tailored their very own marketplace. Here, the redeemed currencies can be put to use for purchasing products from the marketplace participants.

The Plan:

Mobilio’s strategy is to reward users for practicing safe driving rather than burdening them with penalties or punishing them. This mode of earning turned heads and motivated many drivers worldwide to indulge in safe and distraction-free driving.

In this world, where one cannot go by a single second without hovering at their phone, this application can be a game-changer. The modern trading dynamics provides its users with a convenient mode of income. This app can surely be the future of crypto trades. It also marks the beginning of the practice of cutting-edge technologies in real-time to provide a relatively easier and secure lifestyle.

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