How to Effectively Utilize Your Facebook Followers


As businesses grow and develop in this diverse digital era, all are presented with the minefield of opportunity that is social media. The biggest fish of all in this regard is of course Facebook. Despite its huge ability to help a business thrive, a surprising number of people do not utilize it to its full potential, or indeed use it in the wrong ways, causing adverse results. Here are a few ways in which you can communicate effectively with your Facebook audience to the benefit of your business.

Choose your words carefully

This is a point which takes little explaining. Perhaps even more relevant to the likes of Twitter these days given the infamy attained by some well-known users of the platform, however, it still applies very much to the world’s biggest social network.

This is your platform of engagement, not only to your own consumers, but millions of passers-by and potential users. What you say will showcase the image of your company to the world, therefore, you want this image to be overwhelmingly positive and attractive. Choose your words wisely to meet these goals and heed the old saying “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”.


Be Flexible in Your Approach


As we already know, everything is not black and white in the world. It is key that you adopt an open and adaptable approach when dealing with your Facebook followers. A one size fits all approach will never be appropriate when dealing with such a wide audience.

Engage your audience in an open manner. Keep any responses you make flexible in the language you use and always friendly, remembering that the old adage of “Customer is King” still applies even online. Be flexible and willing to accept when you have made a mistake and atone for it and above all, keep a good wit by your side and sense of humor intact.


Don’t Overdo It

Your audience may love you and your company, but, they do not want to hear every little thing from you at all times throughout each and every day. Think of your audience like a person you would love to take on a second date. Be there for them at the right time but do not come on too strong.

That said, try to encourage your audience to change their settings to stay notified of your posts at the top of their newsfeeds. This will help ensure that you stay fresh in their memory at all times.


Be Responsive and Personalize


It is vital that you are responsive to your Facebook audience when they have questions or queries. The more you interact with your audience, the greater their trust in you will become. It is estimated that most Fortune 500 companies have an average Facebook response time of XX. You should be seeking to emulate these kind of statistics.


By following those short few steps along with some other strategies such as engaging the services of the correct social media agent/manager. You can ensure that the light of opportunity shines brightly on your efforts within the world’s largest social network.

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