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Whether you’re getting ready to head out, or you’re already out on the road, you’re not going to think of every little thing. Some travel hacks you may not have heard of. Some things you just haven’t experienced yet. Some of these, I’m sure you’ll agree, are more critical than others, but all will save you some headaches, or other types of discomfort.


Charge tech using TV USB ports

If the batteries in your laptop, phone, kindle or other electronics are dying, and all the outlets in the place are taken, look around for a flat panel TV. Nowadays, they almost always have at least one USB port somewhere. They’re usually on the one side or on the back. Most people won’t think of this so…

Get the best seat on plane

Do you prefer the window seat? Aisle seat? Want more leg room? Some may not know this, but when you go to buy your airline tickets, you can choose your seat. How can you find out what’s what on the different planes? seatguru.com is where to go to sort out your seating preferences.

Packet of tissues/wet wipes

If this isn’t something you’ve already made a habit of, then pay attention. Someday you’ll thank me for this. If you’re traveling anywhere in the 3rd world you can be sure of two things: at some point, you’re going to experience “gastrointestinal issues.” If you’re away from your hotel when it strikes, you’ve got problems. Most public bathrooms throughout the developing world do not have toilet paper or paper towels. So, pick up some of those little packets of tissues and keep them on you at all times. Also, the second as your tummy starts to feel weird, immediately start looking for the nearest acceptable bathroom and find it “before the clock runs out.” Trust me on this one.

Back up photos every day


There’s no reason to lose any photos to crappy SIM cards falling apart, or losing your camera. When you get back to your hotel every night back up all your files. Every night.

Bank cards

Redundancy is key with essential gear, and I can think of few things as important as your bank cards. I recommend having a minimum of two cards at all times. You could forget it at a bar, leave it in a machine by mistake or get mugged. Having two or three cards, you’ll always have funds. Transfer cash from one to the other and voilà, no break in the action. Order a replacement as soon as you know you can’t get it back and have it sent to your hotel.


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