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A Price Prediction of EOS Cryptocurrency

Investing in the field of various cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly a difficult task. Especially for those who are new in the emerging asset department and blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies. Amidst the vast range of currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, finding and deciding to invest in the right one can be a confusing step. If we take into account the use of EOS cryptocurrency, then undoubtedly, there will be several investors who are highly interested in logging in their money. But in such cases, one of the most common questions that trigger the investors is, “How much will the EOS cryptocurrency worth our money?” or “What is the long term future of the particular currency?” or “Is there even any future for our secured investment?”

So keeping in mind all these frequently asked questions, in this article, we are going to discuss the price and important aspects of EOS in the cryptocurrency market. So, next time before investing, you won’t be overburdened with any confusion.

What is EOS?

EOS is one of the native cryptocurrencies, created mainly to resolve the speed, flexibility, and scalability problems in both the spheres of Bitcoin and Ethereum. With these aims, EOS was first developed by Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer in 2017.

EOS Predictions/Long Term Outlook:

With a total supply of 1,024,389,871 native EOS tokens, this cryptocurrency has currently secured the 8th position in the crypto market, thus marking a positive future. Since its launch, while various other currencies have undergone crash and several turmoils in the market, EOS has successfully achieved the momentum to reach proper price stability, thus announcing good news for the investors. Also, it has an additional benefit after the launch of its main net.

Let us now have a brief study of EOS value according to the next few years:


During its initial phase, EOS recorded the lowest price of $0.48 per coin, which is a drastic one compared to its current value. Taking into account the current year, EOS has made an excellent value, also showing signs of a bright future.


After an interval of resistance and indicating the closure of the crypto market, EOS could once again observe an extremely powerful achievement, setting the aims upward, with per EOS $100 in these two years.


According to the crypto experts, EOS value will vary between these years in the same pattern, and it is quite optimistic that unlike other cryptocurrencies, EOS has long term growth and indicates a secure future for the investors.

How can a Cryptocurrency help you Dodge Driving Mishaps?

Cryptocurrency is a raging sensation worldwide. It paves the way for secure transactions. What is it? Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, providing a safe platform with encrypted sources for reliable operations.

Concurrently, cryptocurrency does not revolve around just providing a platform for transactions. It stretches beyond finances. Various ideas come up every now and then as an attempt to use cryptocurrency to solve real-life hardships.

However, traffic accidents are a significant cause of death globally. From teenagers to adults, a lot have lost their lives on the road. And no matter what we say, mobile phones play a pivotal role in these accidents. Hefty penalties seem to have no effect on the human mind.

To promote road safety, cryptocurrency was put to the test.

Mobilio, a mobile application, is the brainchild of Dolphin Technologies, provides minting services while maintaining road safety. Dolphin uses alluring reward systems that entice the human mind to lower their cellphone usage while driving.

How does it work?

The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Mobilio uses the phone’s GPS and sensor to detect locations and the journey. The app then permits the drivers to win points for every distraction-free rides. Surprisingly, these points can be redeemed and converted to a cryptocurrency called Mobilio (MOB).

This app is exclusively designed by drivers to promote safe and distraction-free driving. The users can only mint the currencies after proving their safe driving practices.

Real-Life Implementation:

It has tangible value in the real-life. These currencies can be patronized in the cryptocurrency exchanges. Are they secure? To provide credence and security, this application is designed and operated on the Etherum public blockchain. Apart from this, Dolphin Technologies tailored their very own marketplace. Here, the redeemed currencies can be put to use for purchasing products from the marketplace participants.

The Plan:

Mobilio’s strategy is to reward users for practicing safe driving rather than burdening them with penalties or punishing them. This mode of earning turned heads and motivated many drivers worldwide to indulge in safe and distraction-free driving.

In this world, where one cannot go by a single second without hovering at their phone, this application can be a game-changer. The modern trading dynamics provides its users with a convenient mode of income. This app can surely be the future of crypto trades. It also marks the beginning of the practice of cutting-edge technologies in real-time to provide a relatively easier and secure lifestyle.

Cardano – A Better Choice than Etherum 2.0?

Since the last decade, cryptocurrency has played a significant role in reshaping our economy trends. Digital Cash trend became all the rage and was widely accepted in various organizations. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that allows us to make smart contracts and transfer money in a secure platform. These transactions are highly encrypted and work under blockchain technology.

With new crypto trends making bombarding impacts in the industry, it seems that the crypto giant Ethereum has finally found a worthy competitor.

The Introduction to Cardano:

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology. It is a decentralized system and hosts the Ada cryptocurrency. Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms, Cardano offers ultimate security but with much flexible functionality.

Etherum is a similar cryptocurrency platform that broke all the charts in the past years.

Reasons for Cardano being a Better Option:

However, this year Cardano’s founder and IOHK CEO announced it might undermine Ethereum 2.0. He further stated that Cardano would also have much better features and flexibility than its competitor.

Moreover, Cardano’s newly introduced Hydra protocol will also have a significant influence on its operations. It will have faster processing for about more than one million transactions per second in one day itself.

Besides, Ethereum announced the release of Ethereum 2.0, which is said to be a major upgrade with newly added features. But, Cardano’s new protocol seems more promising.

Ethereum 2.0 also introduces its newest addition, the Proof Of Stake. This change, although, raises hope that unlike the previous version that ran on POW, this upgrade will have less scalability and accessibility issues. In Proof Of Work consensus mechanism, the miners will run nodes and resort to more computational help while working on complex mathematical solutions.

However, Cardano frowned upon this upgrade as they were skeptical whether the new features will hit the market soon enough.

Lastly, with Etheruem’s prolonged issues, many miners migrated to Cardano. However, Ethereum has been on the top for quite some time, and it looks like maybe it has a tough competition this year.

Although nothing more can be said about it until Etheruem 2.0 is finally released for mining. Cardano’s Hydra protocol seems far ahead of Ethereum’s goals and has a fair chance to win the industry this year.

So, be it Etherum 2.0  or  Cardano, only time will say which one of them will keep on booming the industry. No matter what, never forget to do your research before investing in the crypto market.